The Experience

“This drive was a revealing experience. The road and much of the landscape was artificial, and yet it couldn’t be called a work of art. On the other hand, it did something for me that art had never done. At first I didn’t know what it was but its effect was to liberate me from many of the views I had about art. It seemed that there had been a reality there that had not had any expression in art. The experience of the road was something mapped out but not socially recognized, I thought to myself, it ought to be clear that’s the end of art. Most painting looks pretty pictorial after that. There is no way you can frame it. You just have to experience it.” - Tony Smith


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Art is about a Process. A Process of Layering  materials that come together to form an abstraction of an Idea. Whether one is talking about abstract art or the most realistic painting or photograph one has ever seen it is still an Abstraction because it is being filtered. Depending on the materials and the process taken to assemble them one gets different Art--different Ideas. By following the right Process one can reproduce the same Idea.

Life can also be viewed in this sense as well then. Life in the Subjective Form is the Collection of Experiences that one chooses to Layer onto the neocortex through the senses. How these Experiences are Layered and connected within the wiring of the subjective individual determines the Subjective Life and how one relates to the Objective Life of Materiality. Objective Life still though consists of the Layering of atoms upon atoms to make up everything one sees. This is as far as modern schools of thought can really agree on. After this point the atom can be broken down to smaller "particles", smaller vibrations of energy, or Light---still in debate depending on what school of modern science you follow. So LIFE is a Layering of Light on Space through Time. Lets leave it there for now. Make your own connections. Flip over to the Justin's Paintings Page to see whats going on.......

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A View From The Top
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